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Adventure Stories
Real Stories! Real People! Real Adventure!

Welcome to Adventure Stories! There's something here for everyone! Just scroll down the list to search for interesting titles, some including video. Returning reader? New stories are added to the top of the list.  Follow the hyperlinks in each story to discover interesting and entertaining related articles.


Magical Missoula A sign in a hall said, Clothes optional beyond this point > .  At first I thought it meant something seriously more!

Bear Charges Trail Riders! video My eyes flew to a large bear swaggering along the trail towards more!

Dust, Dips, and Bear Tracks! The cars ahead of us created a huge cloud of choking dust. Soon we were engulfed by more!

Hoar, Ghosts, and Pits! video Too much snow on the weaker layer, then whoosh, an avalanche would come catapulting down the mountain! more!

Too Much to Bear (Grrrrr) video This article is a lesson to all bears: Dont go into town, or this might happen to more!

Taste of Home Cooking School with M video A few minutes later, the lady told the audience that there was a celebrity in the crowd. It was I who was the celebrity! more!

Canoe Collision I saw that a collision was about to occur between the two canoes. We were headed in a deadly course towards each more!

Lost on Father's Day? I realized that I had no idea where I was since I left the more!

Family Forestry Expo video Also demonstrated was a dangerous logging sport called springboard chop. read more!

A Miserable Day in Yellowstone! video It was so snowy and foggy we could not see anything except people, but we could smell the odor of rotten eggs. This is the smell of Yellowstone National more! 

A Test of Endurance This is the same place where on a previous hike, we had seen a more!

Avalanche!  After we had gone a bit, we heard a loud more!

Brother No.1 Takes a Hike!
At one point, gropple fell down in more!

Camping, Boating and Bears! Part I  At this time of the year, the grizzly bears are roaming Many Glacier in very large more!

Camping, Boat and Bears! Part II  We stopped to look up the hill and check for bears, when I, E heard the bear more!

Fire Season  Fires made the sky purple, gray, and more!

Fowl Feast!  Imagine this: It's very early morning in your home in Alaska, around 5 a.m. You're lying in more!

Great Falls, Montana She overheard Mom and Dad talking about more!

Grizzly? Our dad turned around quickly and said, "Did you see that?"... read more!

M&E: Kids in the City!  E kept on saying it was like New York City! more!

Marmot Mountain Fun and Terror!  video Our mom said that she thought our dad was joking about marmots terrorizing more!

Mystery in the Rain Forest video ... we came upon what looked like a stone monument of some sort. It looked somewhat like a cairn, but also like a stone more!

Shuttle Bus Adventure  video Whos the idiot that runs this transit? our Dad more!

Snowshoe Fun on Winter Trails Day!
 M went off the trail into the woods more!

Splash Pass! Then E found out some bad news! She was not tall enough to go on the waterslides whatsoever! more!

 The Big Fair video Fear was the only thought. How awful could the ride be? more!

The Blood Red Moon video Mom and Dad surfed the net and listened to loud more!

 The Great Goldfish Adventure  We decided to name "Es " fish Brook after a Pepperidge Farm goldfish more!

The Swan Rangers and the 79 Switchbacks!  We kept hiking and came upon the last part of the trail where snow covered most of the ground... read more!

The Tough Trail
video We thought that the end of the trail was near. We were wrong the worst was yet to more!

Ticks, Elk, Buffalo, and more!
 video Mom said it seemed like the ticks were more!

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