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M & E wrote this comedy story at the age of 7 and 6.  In the story "E" says,
"Probably to pick Little Joe out a skirt to wear to breakfast", because she had a dream about Little Joe wearing a skirt.

Weird Ben
Ben's Coffee
Mom and Dad were going to get a suntan in Hawaii, and they were leaving
M & E at the Ponderosa. 
"Mom, do you think that the Cartwright's will take care of us?" asked "M".
"Yes," Mom answered.
"M" went back to packing clothes. 
"Mom and Dad might have a more fun time than us.  I hope that Mom and Dad have a delightful time in Hawaii.  I can just imagine them, laying with sunglasses on the beach," said "E" to "M", as she packed her clothes.
"I'm sort of grumpy about it, but it is comical.  Mom and Dad laying on the sandy seaside with sunglasses," said "M", laughing. 
Then "M" went back to packing clothes.  M & E thought that packing clothes was fun.  But, it was not as fun and funny as what was coming next!
"Get in the truck!" yelled Dad.
M & E hopped into the truck.  Mom came and hooked "M".  Through Texas, New Mexico, then it was night.

"M" had to set up the tent.  M & E played the Brothergame for a little while.  Then it was too dark to play.  So, Mom got the battery operated lamp and made dinner. 
"Yummy Mom, why did you not give us any marshmallows?" asked "M", who liked her  whimsical way of being saucy.
"M", why do you think we got them?" asked Mom, who liked back talking "M".
"I think you got them for yourself," replied "M".
M & E went to the tent.  "M" drifted off to sleep.  "M" had a dream, in which she was swimming in a pond close to the Ponderosa.  "E" had a dream she was climbing the steps, and a voice just above a murmur said, "Flapjacks on table." 
M & E knew the Cartwright's always had flapjacks for breakfast, because they read Bonanza, The Bubble Gum Kid. (see page banner)
"Hurray! The kids are awake!" M & E heard all around them.
"Get in the truck," said Dad.
"Oohh.  Groovy," said "M", when she got in the truck with "E".
Dad had hid all of the stuff that had been there once before. 
"It's space for our luggage to go to Hawaii," said Mom.
Dad drove and drove, until he saw Nevada.
"Almost to the Ponderosa," Dad muttered under his breath.
"We are here," "E" said after a few minutes of driving.
Ben ran out, accidentally bringing his scalding hot black coffee with him.  Ben screamed.  Little Joe rode on his bike to see what Ben was screaming about.  He thought he would see a bunch of bears.  He screamed too.  Then Hoss came riding toward them on his precious motorcycle.  Hoss's motorcycle was purple. 
"Bye!" said Mom, and then hopped into the truck to go to the ship port.
When M & E turned around, Mom and Dad smooched.  M & E went into the Ponderosa.
"Hey, come on," said Ben.
Hop Sing yelled, "Flapjacks on table!"
M & E kept on wondering if they would have to drink coffee.  Little Joe walked upstairs with Ben, and did not know that M & E were following them.
"Look, they are going to Little Joe's room.  Probably to pick out a skirt for him to wear to breakfast," said "E".
"Can I drink chocolate milk for breakfast?" asked Little Joe.
Ben just smirked and said no way.  M & E silently ran down the stairs, and tried not to giggle.  A squeak came out of "M"'s  mouth.  The Cartwright's were bewildered by that.
"Moomala," "E" silently said.
"I sure wonder where those kids went," said Ben.
M & E had hid behind the stair rail.

 "Where is Ben?" "M" asked.
The Cartwright kids shrugged, and said that Ben disappeared.   Now, M & E did not trust Ben.  When they got to Ben's room, the door was locked! 
"That means Ben is doing something he does not want people to see," said "E".
M & E thought that Ben was pretty stupid.  First he ran to his room.  People would notice that he's gone instantly.  Then he locks his door.  "M" pressed her ear to the door.
"MMMMMM, nothing better than hot, extremely hot black coffee."  "M" heard this coming from Ben's room.
"Ben is drinking his coffee," said "E" when she heard that Ben said, "MMMMM, nothing better than hot, extremely hot black coffee."

M & E walked downstairs with grins on their faces.  M & E told the Cartwright kids about what they heard, and the Cartwright kids were dangerously mad.  Ben came out with a guilty smile on his face.  M & E laughed and pointed at Ben, while Adam, Hoss, and Little Joe circled Ben.
"Aren't you so embarrassed?" asked "E".
"Yeah," said Ben.  Ben threw his coffee cup, and ran out of the room.
"Yeah, is right.  He sure looks embarrassed.  But, who would be embarrassed just because somebody caught them drinking coffee and murmuring about it?" asked "E".
"BEN!" everybody said together, except Ben, because he was burying his face in his pillows.  Ben looked into the mirror, and said, "I am a FOOL!!!!!!!!!"
M & E roared with laughter when they heard "Fool" coming from Ben's room.  Ben came and asked M & E if they would like to go swimming in the big pond.
"No, Mr. BenI have an idea
." said "M", when she remembered the plastic and rope she had brought.  "M" gave "E" a little nudge and pulled "E" out of the house. "M" ran and got her stuff. She pulled out the smooth plastic and hoisted it up on the hill in the front courtyard. 
"E", get Adam's saw." instructed "M". 
"E" ran to the barn to get the saw. She returned bringing a brilliant saw. She knew what she had to do. She sawed out steps on the hill all the way up to the tree. Then "M" got the mile of rope she had. Then she made a rope ladder with the rope. It was hung from the branches of the tree on top of the hill. Then it was time to try the whole thing out.  "E" splashed a bucket of water on the plastic. Then she scampered up the steps, climbed the rope, stood on top of the tree, jumped down, landed smoothly on the slippery plastic and slid down.

"This is really fun!" said "E".
"M" said that she would try the contraption later, and she and "E" went into the house. Hoss and Little Joe were playing checkers.
"Why?" they abruptly heard "M"'s voice say.
"Well- well you and your little sister caught me playing video games!" Hoss and Little Joe heard Ben say.
Hoss and Little Joe giggled and then turned back to their game.  M & E found Stay Alive on a shelf in Little Joe's room.
"Lets play it," said "M".
But "E" said no.
"Lets just find another game," said "E".
But "M" just forced "E" to play it. They kept on saying stuff like, "You're going to get your shot wrong," and then just smirk.  "E" won.
"I'll go into Little Joe's room to tell Ben," said "E".
"I'll go too," "M" said.
M & E went to Little Joe's room to tell Ben. They thought that Ben was in there. When they got in the room, Ben, Little Joe, Hoss, and Adam, screeched. They were playing with dollies.  M & E said, "That's babyish, ha ha ha".
"But... but...but," said Hoss.
"But nothing," "M" said crossing her arms.
"Are you going to arrest us for being babyish!?" Adam yelled.
"If you want to be arrested," said "M" still crossing her arms.
"Noooooooo!" Adam screamed.
But M & E did it anyway. They walked to the guest room to get the play hand cuffs and jail.  M & E had a police car, hand cuffs, a jail, and a police suit. The Cartwright's walked behind M & E.
"Its nice and cozy," said "E".
Ben just stared.
"Little Joe, Adam, Hoss and Ben!" "E" said. " You will stay here for three hours because we caught you doing an embarrassing thing. We will feed you the most delicious food. And Ben, you can have really hot coffee as usual." "M" went to the kitchen to make scalding hot black coffee for Ben.
"Do you want any pink pixy stick sugar added, Ben?" "M" called.

"I think I'll call Mom and Dad," said "E".
"E" went to the Cartwright's phone.
"Hello this is "E" speaking," said "E".
"Hi, how are you doing?" asked Mom.
"Fine. Are you having fun in Hawaii?" asked "E".
 "Yes. I am dancing to grand jungle music with Dad. And we are wearing Hawaiian outfits," replied mom.
"Can I do all the talking?" asked "E".
"Yes," answered mom.
"Mom, Ben, Little Joe, Hoss, and Adam do embarrassing things. Like drinking scalding hot black coffee. Or having a red bike. Or playing video games. Or playing with dollies. Guys, Mom, guys!  Guys playing with dollies. Bye!" said "E".
 "Bye!" said Mom.
"E" hung up and told "M" about what she heard mom say.

"Sounds like Mom and Dad would look great on TV!" yelled "M" after "E" told her about Mom and Dad dancing to great jungle music.

M & E turned and walked to the kitchen. They were going to make some food for the captives. "M" climbed on the counter, and got the tremendous sack of sugar. "E" looked in the refrigerator, and got the immense sack of flour. Then the process of cooking began.  "M" measured the flour and then dumped it into the pretentious bowl that they had. (But I did not write that they got it)  "E" walked and got the oil. She poured a tablespoon of oil into the flour in the gigantic bowl.
Then "M" said, "Now we will put the yummy part in. Sugar!"

"M" put almost a pound of sugar in the measuring cup, and poured that into the gigantic bowl.  "E" went to the refrigerator and found the eggs. M & E scooped a big bit of the mixture into their mouths, and said that it was totally delicious.  "M" cracked an egg on the bowl and poured in the yolk and whites.  She cracked another egg, and again poured in the yolk and whites.  And then they poured some milk in. They poured it all in one big pan. "E" put it in the oven. They were making some sort of quick Dinette cake. They waited one second and pulled it out. "E" got out a steaming hot coffee filter. Then she got some coffee beans and then ground them. After that, "E" put a teaspoon of sugar. "E" poured some milk into a cup. Then she put the ground coffee beans into the cup. "E" finally mixed the mixture and then put in a little water. She did this 3 times.
"I bet that the Cartwright's will like this!" said "M".
She grabbed her cake, and "E" grabbed her coffee.  M & E ran and then stopped at their play jail where Ben, Adam, Hoss and Little Joe were.
"Here." said "E", smiling as she handed her cups of coffee to the prisoners.
"M" handed the cake to the Cartwright's.  M & E left, and heard, "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM," M & E knew that it was the Cartwright's.

They were glad they had known how to make such good food.  M & E went and played checkers for half an hour. "I hope that M & E didn't hear me saying MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!" said Ben to his sons.
It was now three hours.  So, "M" came and unlocked the lock on the jail. The Cartwright's came out. Then "M" remembered her invention that was in the yard.  She ran outside and climbed up the steps to the tree. Then she climbed the rope. "M" stood on the top of the tree, and as she jumped, a bloodcurdling scream came from the doorway of the Ponderosa.  It was Adam, and he thought that "M" accidentally fell from the tree. Adam ran inside, nearly skimming the walls as he ran. Adam ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran until he got to Ben's room.
"Ben!" Adam cried.
"E" was worried so she ran outside and laughed.
"Ha ha ha ha!"
 "All around the mulberry bush the monkey chased the weasel, the weasel thought it was all in fun, pop, goes the weasel," "M" was singing as she was falling on the plastic.
"You are so funny," said "E".
" Really? I was just doing this. Not to be funny!" said "M".
"E" walked inside with a grin on her face.  Adam happened to be walking along right by "E", and he saw the grin on "E"'s face.
"What do you think you are doing?????????? You have no right to be grinning like that!" Adam said. "Stop acting like something is hilarious!!!" he shouted.
"But something is hilarious!!!!!!!!!" "E" shouted back.
"You can't just say that because she's older than you, you want her to be dead. This is a matter about life and death!" said Adam.
"Come outside and see how funny it is," said "E".
Adam and "E" went outside. When Adam saw "M" just walking around his eyes grew smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller until they were smaller then those animals that go around on your skin. Then he fainted, it was so funny.  "M" walked over. 
And "E" said, "He fainted because he thought it was so funny."
 "I'm so sorry I did this," said "M".
"AHH!!!!!," "M" screamed.
When Ben came running out, a big lion was right at his heels.
"Look out!!!!" Adam cried.
Ben turned around, and saw that the lion was right behind him!  It pounced right on top of Ben!!!!!!!!!!! He screamed. E & M remembered the SUPER STRENGTH O'S in their pockets. They pulled them out and ate 3 O's, and in 1 second they bulged.  Except their T shirts and jeans+skin did not rip. They went and saved Ben, they kicked the lion, and in one kick it landed thousand miles away from the Ponderosa.
"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, kids!!" said Ben.

Ben ordered Hop Sing to make a special dinner for the kids.
"Will make it." said Hop Sing.
Hop Sing asked "M" how to make one second Dinette cake.  "M" told Hop Sing how to make it.  Hop Sing prepared delicious turkey. And he made one second Dinette cake.  Hop Sing thought that cooking yummy foods was fun.  It was fun. 
Ben walked over to Hop Sing and whispered to Hop Sing, "Don't forget to make soft drinks!"
M & E  asked Ben if they could explore the house.
"YEAH!" said Ben.
M & E walked off.  "M" decided that they would look at Ben's room first.  M & E walked up the stairs and looked for the door that said Ben.   M & E found it, and opened the door that said Ben.  "E" thought that she would open the door.  But all she did was touch bare wall!
"I wonder......." said "E".
She walked to the other doors. They were all painted on!
"I bet Ben did this after we caught him drinking coffee!" said "E".
M & E walked to the stairs and frowned at Ben.  Ben looked up at M & E and laughed.
"We know where your real room is," said "M".
"Please don't know where my real room is," Ben said out loud.
He was so worried that he did not know that he said it out loud.  M & E looked to the left, and saw Ben's real room.  M & E nodded in the direction of Ben's room, and then ran to it.  "M" started to open the door.  But "E" grabbed her, and pulled her away.
"You can't do this!" said "E".  "I did it last time!"
The Cartwright's gathered at the foot of the stairs. Then M & E started to fight.  Once "E" punched "M" in the nose, and a little blood dropped on the carpet, and Little Joe cheered.  Then M & E fought more. 
Suddenly Ben started shouting, " Go "M"! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go "M"!!!!!"
"This is so embarrassing," said "M".
Little Joe was a copycat so he started yelling, " Go "E"!!!! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!"
"E" did a big slap at "M"'s cheek.  "M" gave a big hard punch on "E"'s side. "E" kicked "M".
"That hurt," said "M".
"You should lay down. I think that would make the pain go away," suggested Ben.
"M" limped to her guest room.   "E" was hurt even than "M".  And Ben knew that, because "E" was sitting down, she had cuts, bruises, brush burns, and letter shaped cuts.
"You should lay down too," suggested Ben.
"E" had to crawl to her guest room.  Ben got dinner ready.  "M" limped to "E"'s guest room.  She wanted to talk and eat with "E".
"E", let's go and get a book," suggested "M".
"E" looked in her bag, she found The Castle Rock Mystery.  "M" was reading Goosebumps Legend Of The Lost Legend.  After a few minutes of reading, Ben came in with their lunch. They were going to have their luncheon the next day. They had ham sandwiches, honey roasted peanuts, peanut butter, honey and jelly sandwiches, Kool-Aid, root beer, cakes, cookies, hot-dogs, hamburgers without cheese, with pork instead of beef.  "E" put down her book, and took a bite of her honey roasted peanut and jelly sandwich.  "M" got jealous of "E", because "E" got to taste a yummy taste.  So, "M" took a bite of her delicious cookie!  "E" had finished her honey roasted peanut and jelly sandwich. So she ate some of her ham sandwich, and then drank all her Kool-Aid.  "M" drank her root beer already.  So, she got hold of her Kool-Aid and drank all of it. "E" had ate all of her ham sandwich. "M" ate her honey roasted peanut and jelly sandwich. And then "E" gulped down all her root beer.  And then ate her cookie. They were done.

"Ben, how come you are embarrassed when people see you drinking coffee?" asked "E".M&E, Hot Coffee & Weird Ben???
 "I don't know," replied Ben.
"You should not worry about people seeing you drinking coffee," said "E".
Just then Little Joe came in.
"What are you talking about?" asked Little Joe.
Ben started jumping up and down because he didn't want to say the words drinking coffee.
"Us and Ben were talking about drinking coffee," said "E".
Ben noticed that "M" had a lot of scabs on her arms.  Ben was almost too polite to ask her where she got them. But he was so tempted that he did.
"Where did you get those ugly scabs?" he asked.
"They're leftover mosquito bites. I scratched them and I get scabs as the result. Mom says not to pick them, but I'm always tempted to pick them," said "M".
"It's 9:00, time to go to bed," said Little Joe.
M & E laid down and said their bed was hot and cozy.
"Can I take off my shirt and just lay under the covers?" asked "E".
"Well, yes," answered Ben.
"And can I take off my shirt, and just lay on top of the covers?" asked "M".
"What?" asked Ben.
 "And can I take off my...........," said "M", stopped by Ben.
"I did not mean I did not hear you right. And you should not think that! I demand!!!" shouted Ben.

"Lets look around with Ben," "E" suggested.
"Okay," said "M".
They went to the front door with Ben.  Just then Jared, Janice, and Kyle busted in.
"Hi!" said 27 year old Kyle. 
Janice was 29. Jared was 30. Kyle was the kid with the stuck tooth that didn't budge. Jared was the guy that was just unhooking himself when Kyle said that he would stay in the truck. Janice is Kyle's bossy big sister that would brag and grin so much. Janice, Jared, and Kyle flinched when they saw "M".  Jared, Janice and Kyle flinched when they saw "M" , because they recognized her from the times "M" had super power.  Ben introduced himself, and offered Janice, Jared, and Kyle some coffee. As Jared, Janice, and Kyle walked off, M & E did too. They went to their guest rooms.  "M" was in the guest room on the left, and "E" was in the guest room on the right.  "E" drifted off to sleep first.  "M" drifted off to sleep an hour later. "E" had a dream she was walking to Ben's room, and she saw Ben sipping his scalding hot black coffee saying, "Mmmm nothing better than scalding hot coffee."

Just then she and "M" were awakened by footsteps going down the stairs.  So, they stepped out of bed, and found each face to face.
"M", did you hear that?" asked "E".
"Yes," replied "M".
They walked a little way down the stairs, when they saw a reddish glowing thing. They walked farther down the stairs when they saw Ben in a red robe, and in bunny slippers, he had a candle. He was checking the house for burglars and monsters. Ben glanced back and saw M & E, and thought, start jumping up and down! So Ben blew out the candle and started jumping up and down. His feet looked exactly like a rabbit hopping.  "M" thought that it was hilarious, so she laughed the loudest laugh ever heard.  "E" also laughed the loudest laugh ever heard.
Ben turned around and yelled, "Please don't see me, you little brats! Get in bed! It's 2:13!"
M & E ran to bed. They slept the rest of the night.

"M" sat up and yawned. It was 8:04 AM.
"Time to wake up," said "M" to herself.
"M" slid out of bed and started to go to the den. Then "M" noticed something. Stairs!
"Oh, yeah." said "M".
"M" walked over to "E"'s guest room. The bed was made and "E" was gone. So, "M" went back to her room, combed her hair, made her bed, brushed her teeth, looked in her bag, and got some clothes on.  As "M" tied the shoelaces on her shoes, she wondered where "E" was.
"I guess she went out in the den," thought "M".
So, "M" went in the den.
"Good morning Miss Ben, Miss Adam, Miss Hoss, and Miss Little Joe," said "M".
"Ben, how come you like coffee?" asked "E".
 "Scalding hot coffee... hmmmhmmhmm," hummed Ben.
"What do mean by that?" asked "E".
"Huh," said Ben.
"Oh well, you don't have to worry about that right now," said "E".
"I got a great idea! How about go for a horse back ride with those kids," suggested Ben.
"And we have two ponies they could ride," added Adam.
So, Ben, Adam, Hoss,  Little Joe, and M & E went in the front yard where the horses were tied.  Ben cried a cry of fright.  Ben's horse was gone!!! Ben dropped to his knees. Adam bent his elbows all the way. Little Joe did a jumping jack in the air.  M & E just stood there.
"My horse, its gone" said Ben.  "I guess I have to sit with you Adam," he said after a few minutes of thinking. Ben hoisted himself on Adam's horse.

"Giddiap," Ben said.
"No! Horse! Instead, Ya! Ya!" said Adam.
And in one kick they were off!
"Get your ponies and follow us!" Little Joe and Hoss called.
M & E ran to the barn to get their ponies.  M & E made it a race!  "E" told her pony to jump over everybody.  It did!!
"Wow," everybody said, except "E".  "M" was in the team with "E" , so she caught up with "E".  M & E won! Suddenly they stopped and then took a trail.
"What...," said Ben.
M & E galloped off.
"Let's go back to the Ponderosa!" shouted Ben.
"And lets set the table!!" said Hoss.
"Okay!" shouted Adam.
Ben, Little Joe, Hoss and Adam galloped off to the Ponderosa.  Ben, Adam, Hoss and Little Joe got home and hitched their horses to the fence and went inside. Meanwhile, M & E were on their ponies following the trail that they had found.
"Hey!" gasped "E".
"M" looked and saw a small tan mare!
"It's Ben's horse," said "E".
M & E slid off their ponies to go get the mare. They pulled out some rope from their saddle bag and made a lasso. "E" swung her lasso in the air and got the horse's neck with the lasso. "E" dragged the horse to "M" . "E" tied the rope on the mare's neck onto the bridle of her pony. Then "M" took "E"'s rope, tied it onto the lasso on the mare's neck, and tightened the hoop part onto the saddle of "M"'s pony. M & E got onto their ponies and rode off with Ben's mare. They followed the trail they had followed, except they went back.
"That was easy!" said "E", as she slid off the saddle on her brown mare.
"Yes it was!" shouted "M", as she slid off the saddle on her white mare.
Then Ben came out.
"How about a little swim in pond before lunch?" asked Ben.
"Yay!!!" shouted M & E doing a high five.
Ben and his kids came out with their trunks on.
"Who horse is t....," said Ben.
Just then he remembered! He ran over to his horse and hugged it! Then he and all the others went to the pond. They all got in. "M" started swimming. Just then Ben said she was stupid.
"I am not!" shouted "M".  "M" had an idea.   "Look at that rabbit!" shouted "M".
Ben turned around and "M" pulled Ben's trunk down! Ben gasped, ran out of the pond, and ran to the Ponderosa with both hands over his
butt! "M" started swimming like nothing had happened. But "E" was laugh'n and laugh'n and laugh'n. Then "E" practiced treading water. Then Hoss threw out his mighty hands and started to splash water on everybody! Everyone except Hoss dove underwater for safety from the stinging rays of water. "M", Adam, Little Joe and "E" swam under water for a very long time because they were swimming to shore. "E" put her head out of the water to get some fresh air.
"E" said "umhump umhump," that was her way of saying its safe, under water.
"Umhump umhump," said "M" to Adam.
Then Adam said "Umhump uhump," to Little Joe.
"Ollaky" said Little Joe, he was saying okay.
Then everybody got out of the pond. Hoss was drying off. "M" got her special silky golden and red towel. "E" got her cozy, cold, and warm soft velvety purple and silver towel. Everybody got mad except M & E. They wanted M & E's towels! They went to the Ponderosa to start a council!
"Oh well, Ben is not here, so, we can start the council without being beat on our bare butts!" shouted Hoss gleefully!
"I want to steal their towels in the middle of the night!!!" commanded Adam.
"No! I want to take their towels right now," said Little Joe.
"Lets tell them to take a bath," said Adam.
"And then we will steal them, perfect!" said Hoss.
M & E who were back at the pond came. Adam, Hoss, Little Joe, M & E went inside.
Then Little Joe said suddenly, "How about you two take a bath?"
M & E both said okay. They had to take a bubble bath. That was the rules in the Ponderosa. They scrubbed and washed their hair. When they were done they noticed their towels were gone!
"Ben!" "M" called.
"What," said Ben coming from the room right beside them.
"Our towels are gone," said "M".
"I did not do a thing with them," Ben said.
That night M & E heard screaming, guitar music, and loud snoring. Ben was trying to sleep. But all the sounds kept him awake. He decided to tell his sons to stop making all the sounds.
"Adam, stop playing your guitar, and read the old testament," said Ben. "Little Joe stop chasing that sweetheart and gently talk to her," said Ben.
"Okay, Dad," said Little Joe and Adam together.

M & E wanted to sleep together that night, and they did. "M" was talking to "E" when they fell asleep. They had marvelous dreams. "E" woke up at the same time "M" did. M & E did a somersault out of bed. Then they went to Hoss's room, and they looked under his bed. And saw their towels!!! They grasped them! Hoss's stuff was all in piles. Just then some folks knocked on the door while M & E were right by it. Mom and Dad flung themselves in. Mom and Dad gave M & E one little kiss! Ben came in the room, he screamed a scream of delight! He knew that M & E were leaving. Mom and Dad sipped some hot coffee with Ben. Then everyone said bye. Then Mom and Dad and M & E left. And in two hours they were home. And when they got home M & E ran into their room. And said it was so fun.




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