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RMKK Year in Review

M & E Original LogoVideo became the wave of the Internet and in January 2008, RMKK kept in step by acquiring a video camera and software to publish videos to our Youtube Channel, Rocky Mountain Kids. As cabin fever set in, we practiced our skills on making a fast paced slideshow of Glacier National Park. Later videos included Picture in a Picture, as seen in our video “Screaming Bigfoot”. We also tried out some green screen techniques in “A Miserable Day in Yellowstone”. Many of M & E’s adventure stories now have video to compliment their articles.

Springtime brought a new look and format to the website. The “Grandpa Davey Speaks” column was introduced on May 2. Grandpa Davey discusses his perspective on life in a thought provoking way. He enjoys the feedback he receives, as his articles inspire his readers.

Montanan’s love snow. Or at least some of us do. I have heard some grumbling by a few who consider the first sight of snow on the mountains to be a portent for winter misery. Northwest Montana is a special place with four distinct seasons. However, weather can be unpredictable. To our surprise and delight, June 10th will live in our memory as the date that a late spring snow fell on the valley. A couple of weeks later, the weather turned hot. It was time again, to go hiking and camping in the mountains.

On June 20, I published my first article. Writing my thoughts down in a weekly column about “This and That” proved to be a little challenging. How do the newspaper journalists do it on a daily basis? I didn’t get up the nerve to write another article for almost 2 months. Well, I guess practice makes perfect.

In August, a man hiking in Glacier National Park, by the name of Yi-Jien Hwa, went missing. I wrote my second article on his disappearance. This article proved to be a great success, but unfortunately Mr. Hwa has yet to be found. Also in August, our Professional Chainsaw Youtube video went from 472 views to over 5,000 in one day. It was a related video to one that had been featured. The rapid increase in views is the perfect example of the old cliché, “It’s who you know”.

In September, the Taste of Home Cooking School came to town and M was guest of honor for her prize winning S’mores Cake. She assisted the chef on-stage and later wrote about her experience. A video displaying her quirky nature accompanies her story. Later that month, we captured some video of a black bear that visited a yard around the corner from our home. M & E portrayed news anchors in “Too Much to Bear”.

November 13, the RMKK Companion Blog went online. At the end of each article are Reaction Buttons where readers can immediately tell us what they think with the click of a mouse.

Now at the end of 2008, we, the writers of Rocky Mountain Kids Korner, reflect on the year’s accomplishments in terms of what we’re proud of and perhaps not so proud of. We can always do better if we set our minds to it.

In closing, I want to thank you for visiting our website and ask you to let us know how we can do a better job in 2009.

Happy New Year!


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