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Be prepared before you hit the trail!
It's a simple thing to do and will make your hiking experience more fun. Bring water and an extra jacket. When your hike takes longer than anticipated or the weather changes suddenly, water and a jacket make the difference.

 (10) Backpack Essentials

  • Emergency  Blanket: The lightweight, compact kind for unexpected or emergency delays.   
  • Rain Poncho
  • Whistle: Inexpensive and lightweight. You will be happy to have it if you get hurt or lost to let other people know your location.
  • Light stick: A backup to your flashlight.
  • Flashlight
  • Water
  • Warm sweater or jacket
  • Gloves and hat
  • Snack: Keeps your energy up and may be needed to hold you over in an emergency.
  • 2-way Radio:  A great way for parents and kids to stay in touch.

    Additional items to have, but are not necessary.

    • Binoculars
    • Gum or Mints
    • Magnifying Glass
    • Bear Bells

    All of this weighs about 4 lbs.

    Know your ABC's of wilderness survival clothing.

    • Anything

    • But

    • Cotton

    Weather conditions can change quickly and dramatically in the wilderness, especially in the mountains.  Cotton is cool but may trap moisture to your body instead of wicking it away as synthetic fibers or natural wool do.  If you are stranded in an emergency, it's best to have a synthetic or wool fiber next to your body to keep you warm and dry.

    Now let's
    go hiking! 


5 Great Fishing Tips!

  1. Start out early. Early morning is often when fish are biting best.

  2. On a sunny day, try fishing in shady areas. Fish like to get out of the hot sun too!

  3. Fish near some type of structure such as pilings, rock piles, brush, etc. But be careful not to snag your line!

  4. Use bait. "M" and "E" say that big fat worms work best!

  5. Be patient! This is very important. Sometimes you have to wait a long time to catch a fish.

"M" says, "It is also very common that your sibling will catch a fish and you won't. Your parents may be bored by that time and then you will never be even. Too bad!" 

Tackle box Checklist

  • Swivels: To keep fishing line from twisting.

  • Extra Fishing Line

  • Stringer: To hold the fish you plan to keep.

  • Hooks: They come in different sizes.  The larger the hook, the smaller the size number.

  • Bobbers:  A float to keep your hook closer to the top of the water and to tell when the fish are biting.

  • Pliers:  To help remove hooks.

  • Weights or Sinkers:  To give your line weight for casting and to get the bait closer to where the fish are.

  • Lures: Artificial Bait.

Why is "M" smelling this Ponderosa Pine tree at the National Bison Range?











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