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Christopher was a boy of many dreams. When his mother read him the story of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving, he swore to find the "Headless Horseman". Even when he died, he kept on searching. He would keep his promise, even if it was in the afterlife.

The Haunted Couple
                              by E

Valerie rushed out of the door. “Oh no!” The bus was just pulling off from the corner. Valerie started to run after the bus, hoping they would notice her and stop. The bus just kept on going. “I guess I’ll just have to walk to the store.”

Valerie was 24 and had recently married. Her husband had the one car that they had, and she usually took the bus to the store, unless a friend happened to show up. Today was not one of those lucky days. She started toward the grocery, Small-Go-Mart. It was in walking distance, only 9 blocks, but when she had all of her groceries with her she would need to take a bus back. Valerie wouldn’t miss it on the way back, though.

Valerie purchased all of her groceries, and was standing on the corner waiting for the bus. Finally, the bus showed up. “Miss, may I help you with your bags?”

Valerie whirled around to see an old man. “Oh, yes, thank you…,” said Valerie surprised. “What is your name?”

“Christopher, what’s yours?” answered the old man.

“My name is Valerie, you can just call me Val,” said Valerie passing some of her bags to the man.

Christopher took the bags to one of the soft cushioned seats of the bus. “Thank you, Christopher. It’s very nice of you to help me.”

“It was no problem. Though, could you please help me with something?” asked Christopher.

“Of course I will, what is it?” answered Valerie.

“Well Miss Val, I have been searching for something. I’ve been looking for it, for quite a long time.”

“What is it?”

“It is called the Headless Horseman. Please believe, it is true, I have been getting closer,” whispered Christopher.

“You’re crazy! That’s just in an old book,” Valerie replied. “You must be out of your mind!”

“You gave me your word,” he answered, and then walked through the front of the bus, as if it was thin air.

Valerie, after she recovered from her shock, let out a scream. “Did you see that? He walked right through the front of the bus!”

All the people just stared as if she was crazy. Valerie ran up to the front of the bus. Every one there must have seen him. “Didn’t you see that man walk right through the wall?”

“Miss, you must have drunk a little too much,” said the bus driver. “Good thing you didn’t drive yourself.”

“Watch out!!!!” Valerie suddenly yelled. “You’re about to hit a car!”

Valerie screamed again. The car that they were rapidly rolling toward was her husband’s. “Jon! I can’t kill you, I really can’t!” The young woman fainted. The people on the bus rushed to her aid. Right then they hit the car. With a large boom, the bus rolled over. Everyone was slipping to the side. The bus fell right on the car.

Valerie recovered right as the bus fell. “Jon is sure to be dead…my life is ruined.” She crawled to the front of the bus. She could hear a siren wailing, coming toward them. All the people were alive, some were unconscious. Valerie reached the door and crawled out. She wanted to get to Jon, even though her condition was weak. With a thud, the bus smashed the car a little bit more.

Valerie started to cry. A normal day had turned into a disaster. Just then she remembered Christopher. “Perhaps he was punishing me for thinking he was crazy,” she thought.

The paramedics jumped out of the fire truck. “Ma’am, could you please get out of the way? We’d like to get to the driver of the vehicle that was hit. Are you a victim of the accident?”

“Yes, I am,” Valerie replied. “My husband is in the car.” Valerie said this last thing with a sob.

“I understand lady,” said the man. “We’ll try to save him, but it may be too late.”

After a lot of trouble, they pulled out Jon’s body. “Is he dead?” asked Valerie.

“He’s unconscious, but alive. His pulse and breathing is normal,” answered the paramedic.

Another man came running with a stretcher. Valerie insisted to be taken to the hospital with him.

“Anyway, you need hospitalization for a few days too,” said the man. “You can hardly walk, and you’ve got a big bruise on your head.”

Valerie got to stay in the same hospital room as her husband. The doctor told her that it was very unusual to have a car wreck with your husband. He also said it was blessing that Jon lived.

Valerie’s and Jon’s relatives were always coming over with flowers and questions about the accident. Jon was now well enough to sit up in bed and talk. But one day a stranger came to see them. It was Christopher. He came in and sat down on Valerie’s bed. Jon stared at him, as if there was something that he couldn’t place.

“Christopher…,” Valerie stammered. “I saw you walk through the wall.”

“You’ve met this man before, too?” asked Jon, suddenly placing what he had forgotten. “I recall his face right before the wreck.”

Christopher turned toward Jon. “I saved you. If I wasn’t there, you’d be dead, just like me right now. I’ve saved you many times, like when you fell down the stairs.”

“You’re, uh, dead? And how did you know about that?”

“I did die some time ago, but I’m still searching. I can feel in the air that I’m getting closer. Your wife already agreed to help me search, would you?”

“Well, if Val did I guess I can, what is it for? And you didn’t answer my question.”

“I’m your guardian angel,” Christopher replied. “I am searching for the Headless Horseman.”


The couple searched for a long time after that, even after their death, just like Christopher. Every once in a while they ask another person to join them. They feel as if they’re getting closer every day now. You may be the next person they pick!



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