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Horror House

A girl, Katy, sat in her cabin one night. She heard the stomping of large footsteps going around her cabin.
“What’s happening?” whispered Katy, in a frightened voice.
She could hear heavy breathing, as if it was some kind of creature, a monster. Katy kept whispering, “What’s happening?” in a small voice.
The monster roared, and shook the cabin. Katy screamed, terrified. The monster stomped away.                                       

The next day, Katy was sitting under an apple tree.
“What happened last night?” Katy asked herself.
Suddenly, Katy saw a girl, walking toward her.
“Hello…” said the girl, in a wispy voice.
“Who are you?” asked Katy, surprised.
“I’m a ghost.…,” answered the girl.                             
“No,” stammered Katy.
“I died…I just died,” said the girl.
“It can’t be true!” shouted Katy.
The ghost started acting strange.                                                                   
“What is it?” Katy asked.
“He’s chasing me!" screamed the ghost girl, shrilly. She clutched her head.
“Who? Who? What? Who?” asked Katy, scared.
The girl kept screaming. The girl went into shock.
“What’s wrong, what’s wrong?” Katy asked.
“He’s gonna get meeee!” screeched the ghost.
“I’ll protect you from him,” said Katy.
“You better!” said the ghost girl, looking up. “He wants to kill me! He never did! Before I died he didn’t kill me! I was run over!”
“Stand up,” said Katy. “Stand up.”
The ghost girl screamed.
“I’m afraid! I was run over before he got me!”
“He’s gonna see meee!”
The ghost yelled, “No!” and fell to the ground.
“Get up,” Katy said.
The ghost girl sat up. “Is he gone?” she asked.
“Yes, he’s gone,” said Katy.
The ghost girl took Katy’s hand, and looked quickly to the sides. As the girl got up, Katy asked, “Tell me, are you really dead?”
“I’m dead,” said the girl, as she walked along. “I’m deader than dead.”
“Tell me everything,” said Katy. “Tell me.”
“He wanted to kill me…This very road!” The ghost pointed to an old road.
“That road?” Katy asked.
“That! Was my house!” screeched the ghost, pointing to a house. “He was chasing me, I can feel his very presence, right here!” The ghost stood still, and then resumed talking. “I ran out into the road, and that car, just like that!” the ghost said, pointing to a car down the road. “Hit me,” the ghost cried out. “And I was killed, right before he came. And, I think he still wants me!!!!”
Suddenly, the ghost was grabbed by an invisible force, and was being pulled away from Katy. The ghost girl reached out to Katy.
“He’s taking me over!” screamed the ghost girl. “Don’t let him take me! Don’t, don’t, don’t!”
“Get away!” shouted Katy to the monster.
The ghost fell down. Her breathing was hard. She grabbed Katy’s dress.
“He didn’t get me this time, but maybe he will next time.”
“I’ll try to help you, I’ll try,” Katy whispered.

After a little while, Katy left the ghost alone. She saw a monster, walking toward her.
“I want her, you know where she is,” cackled the monster in a disgusting voice.
“I won’t give her to you!” shouted Katy.
“Yes, you will!” replied the monster.
Katy held a magic stick above her head. It would kill the evil monster.
“No, don’t, de don’t!” screamed the monster.
The monster sank to the ground.
Now that the ghost girl’s unfinished business on earth was solved, she had to cross over into the light.
“This is my name,” said the ghost. “My name, is Marissa.”
“And mine, Katy,” said Katy.
They exchanged good-byes. Katy waved her hand at the parting Marissa.
“Hey Uncle Joe! Hey Uncle Joe!” yelled Marissa.
She had seen her deceased uncle, waiting for her in the light. Suddenly, Marissa disappeared.


Quick Facts:
  • No special effects were used in this video.  The effects occurred accidentally upon editing.
  • The ghostly face in the beginning of the video is taken from the cover of the book Haunted Alaska, that was described in our camping trip story, Camping, Boating, and Bears.



Home | Adventure Stories | Grandpa Davey Speaks | Marlene's This and That | Outdoor Family Fun | Blog

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